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İpek Yavuz nerede?

2019.07.28 22:13 Oartha İpek Yavuz nerede?

Evet arkadaşlar bugün sizlere uzun süredir aklımda olan bir durumu,soruyu paylaşmak istiyorum
TaleWorlds'un kurucuları olan Armağan Yavuz ve eşi İpek Yavuz, bildiğim kadarıyla birlikte yaptıkları ilk oyunları olan 6 Eylül 2008'de piyasaya sürülen Mount&Blade oyunuydu. Benim aklıma takılan durum ise şu İpek Yavuz Mount&Blade Warband yapılırken ve Bannerlord üstünde çalışırken neredeydi çünkü kendisini hiç röportajlarda konuşurken göremedik
şöyle biraz TaleWorldsun forumunda dolaştım ve en eski üyelerine bakayım derken ne göreyim "ipek" adlı üyeyi gördüm
ardından ipek adlı üyenin profiline girdim en eski üyelerinden biri olduğu için hiç kuşkusuz bu kişi İpek Yavuzdan başkası olamazdı
lakin dikkatimi çeken bir şey oldu son aktif olma tarihi Eylül 21, 2008 idi yani en son giriş tarihi oyunları çıktıktan 15 gün sonra
asıl soruya gelirsek İPEK YAVUZ NEREDE? neden kendisini hiç bir açıklama yaparken göremedik ve göremiyoruz Armağan Yavuz ile yollarını ayırdılar mı ? yoksa öldü mü?

kendisinin hiç bir sosyal medya hesabı olmadığı için aşşağıda gösterdiğim fotoğraflardaki kadının İpek Yavuz olduğundan emin olamıyoruz.
Halo boiz and grillzz today i wanna share a question that comes to my mind
TaleWorlds founded by Armagan Yavuz and Ipek Yavuz but tell me why we didn't see Ipek Yavuz anywhere is she left from TaleWorlds?
and i was hanging in the forum and i wanted to check member list and i wanted to see older forum members mm and i saw her name "ipek" and i checked her profile and i said, it must be Ipek Yavuz. After that i saw her last online date
21 September, 2008
and i google it her name and found those photos, im not sure about is it her photos?
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2012.07.12 07:05 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm an Engineer for Facebook and am helping build a Facebook office in NYC. AMA

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Date: 2012-07-11
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Questions Answers
1) Who do you see as your biggest threat? 1) getting so big that we can't rethink the world. the internet changes, you have to constantly look at how people are communicating and sharing through new perspectives. if we let ourselves get complacent someone else will have a new way of doing things we don't understand and then we'll lose the internet pretty fast. this is both our challenge in how we think about things and how we build a company with the culture to challenge ideas and try bold stuff.
2) A lot of users are increasingly upset at changes to the UI, privacy settings, and EULA's. Do you have discussions about that? What is the general feeling about it internally? 2) of course - we use the site too. internally the company is very open so you can go to the team changing something and ask them whytf they did things. the answers are generally very good. the people are all very smart here. i think its tougher on the rest of the users who don't get that context. sometimes there's some stuff that goes viral about us that's just flat out wrong. so we have a gap in how we explain things. maybe more AMAs? I dunno.
3) How much data can you actually mine about a person? Do you ever analyze the data for trends? Have you found any that surprise you? 3) we have a lot of cool social insights. we published a paper about the average connectedness or the 6 degrees thing (summary: the average distance is 4.74 hops between everyone in the world). we also know a bunch of stuff about how people engage with the site and what will make them have a good experience. Like if we can get you to upload a profile pic and have 10 friends you will probably have a good time, and if not, you're going to think the site is useless. stuff like that.
4) Ads. No one clicks on them and that is a huge issue going forward (especially now that you are a public company, which IMO was a bad move because now the company is driven by monetary results). What is being discussed about how to change that (if anything) while also keeping the UX that Facebook has? 4) i probably shouldn't talk for that team too much, but generally we think of ads the same way we think of other communication on fb. if it's starbucks talking to their fans it's not fundamentally different than me talking to my friends. so we're not trying to shove ads on the side and pray people click on them - we're trying to integrate them more with the other naturally social stuff on the site. I think sponsored stories are going to be huge, for instance.
5) Is Zuck a cool dude? The movie made him out to be kind of a dick at times (and I'm sure he has to be). Just in general though, what is he like? How much time does he spend around the office? I heard no one gets an office, and that everyone essentially gets roughly the same set up. Is that true? Does he still sit in the pen with the other engineers? 5) he's definitely not a dick. he has the same desk setup as everyone else and spends more time at the office than anyone. he lives a block away so he can do that, and he's really disciplined in that way. it's impressive. he's also super smart. i dunno how to answer these questions as I'm not good at explaining how a person is to other people, but i assure you he's a smart guy who likes building things for facebook and is awesome to work with.
Why NOT more AMAs? Seems like it would be good PR. They are a little time consuming, but I agree. We have a group of people internally that find ways to "humanize" ourselves, which mostly means putting a real fber in front of communities like reddit. so we'll do more of these i think.
Are you part of that group? If not, what role have they played in your AMA? They suggested it. Yeah, I'm in the group. It's probably less formal than I made it sound, it's literally just a facebook group.
Will you have a job this time tomorrow? Also, satisfied with all of FB's policies or is there any one thing you would personally change? There's less stuff that I disagree with than stuff I just am not involved in. A lot of the stuff we work on is surprisingly nuanced. Like, on feed every day we'd have to ask questions like is it more important to show you a status from your mom or a funny cat picture from your friend? Or, even, is it our duty? When other teams are doing stuff like that there's a lot of context that I don't have. Any time I want to dig in I do, but increasingly I trust the people (we have awesome people).
Every week we do Q+A with zuck and he likes hard questions, so you hear a lot of debate about our policies there. I never feel like I'm building or doing something for users that I don't personally agree with (and I wouldn't do that anyway)
DAMN, I haven't seen the fourth season yet because its not on netflix. I'm pretty sure you just ruined the ending for me :( CRAP do spoiler tags work in this subreddit? sorry !
What is a Facebook? It's a type of automobile
As a Facebook employee, what additional access to accounts do you, or your co-workers, have? Has anyone ever been disciplined for looking/stalking someone's account? Software engineers are human and Id assume that eventually someone would get the "ex GF stalker syndrome". Any instances of this? Thanks for the AMA! We are completely intolerant of any abuse of user trust by employees. like, you will be fired immediately without question. we couldn't take it more seriously because not only is it evil to users, but it's evil to the rest of us at the company who work hard to build that trust.
Any specific incident you can give as an example? Not off the top of my head and it would be unfair to talk about publicly anyway. sorry :/
Where are you guys planning on building the office? And why is it so vital for FB to have an office in NYC? They seemed to be doing fine without it so far. Right now we're right by Grand Central in midtown, though we're rapidly outgrowing our current space. I'm not sure where we'll end up moving.
To keep something like Facebook running and to keep it innovating we have to keep searching for the best software engineers and product designers in the world. It's really hard to do that. And we know a lot of those people are on the east coast. Zuck is from NY himself. So it kind of made sense to have a presence here and remove a hurdle for people that don't want to move.
But also just looking around for the past year or two the tech community in NYC is growing at a ridiculous pace. We wanted to be here to be a part of that, too. I think a lot of great innovation is going to come out of NY in the next few years.
Do you prefer living in San Francisco or New York? What are the pros and cons of each? Oof I'm going to get murdered for this, but I prefer NY for two main reasons.
My family and tons of my friends are here. this would make any place more appealing.
New york is crazy. like, every day something crazy happens and it can be good or bad, but it will certainly be crazy. I kind of missed that in california.
Also, what was your education like? Thanks in advance! IT TURNS OUT that there's an extra network interface on each machine that we use for remote control (things like rebooting, etc.) and connecting to that interface caused the switch to notice the extra connection and think the whole topology of the network had changed. and when that happens, it drops its whole understanding of whats where (something called an ARP table) and just starts blasting all packets to all interfaces.
Multicast flood - no wonder packets were getting dropped. Precisely. the switch was setup to drop the arp table any time it detected a new interface.
That sounds awful yet extremely satisfying when you managed to solve it. Thanks for your reply! U got it dude.
A fellow CMU grad! When did you graduate? Did you take OS? SCS 04 and as ashamed as I am to admit this I did not take OS and instead did a study abroad in australia. i did take networks twice though since I tutored some people who were in it senior year.
Wow, that sounds retarded. Is that a vendor specific thing, admin error, or relatively common? Not sure, really. It has to be careful because when the topology does change the arp table will be wrong, so I sympathize. but dropping the whole thing is maybe aggressive.
What is your favorite feature on the Facebook site? This is surprisingly tough... i'll say messenger (pandering to my team of course). there's some stuff that's better when it's just a list of your friends and mobile messaging is definitely better. I can just pull up a name and send a message and the person will see it. it's like something from star trek if you think about it.
What is the goal of building the engineering team in NY? Hire some of the best engineers in the world, many of whom live in NYC. I have a longer answer on another thread. but really, the top goal is to build something awesome and at huge scale here and get some geek cred with the rest of the eng team.
What is the culture like at Facebook? It's a bunch of people who want to build things and have people use them. so they hate red tape, they hate working around the edges of things, and they're very protective of a culture where people can still join and do just that. mark's note on the "hacker way" was one of the best summaries i can think of. yes it's a polished piece but I swear that's how it actually works inside.
How do you feel about all the hatred to the mobile app and how it is apparently terrible. Do you have any idea of why many people dislike it and what causes the app to be that way. Second Question, you said you build the infrastructure. Is everything build in php, jquery, html, and css or do you use other languages and what are they? Thanks! The iphone app needs a lot of work. I think people are kind of right. not to disparage that team as there's a ton of feature work in there, but it needs to be a lot faster. trust me that we are working on exactly that.
For infrastructure, most of it is actually written in either c++ or java. all the stuff you mentioned is stuff we use in the front end.
I must plug hiphop though. we took our PHP code, translated it into c++ and built our own runtime. now that we've done that we can change the language (we've added a ton of stuff like yield, type hints for primitives, new scoping rules, native HTML elements as real classes etc.) and we're building our own VM and JIT for it. so it's only php kind of.
Could you tell me more about how you're using yield? Are you guys moving to a more functional programming paradigm like python? New scoping rules? Can you expand on that? B) generally php has only two scopes - function scope and global scope. you can get into trouble with this since something that looks like it should be out of scope is, surprise, still the same variable later. we made it have real scope, like in most other languages c) when you're outputting html you tend to end up doing a ton of string concatenation which is cumbersome. like so much nicer. and even better, you can now subclass them and create specific elements that will automatically grab their CSS and JS when they get rendered. makes writing FE code much more reasonable.
HTML elements as real classes. Now that's Interesting, so kind of like building jQuery into PHP? (No I dont' mean the javascript). It gets ugly. We added the ability for generic XML to be a real object. so you can do.
A) we have a lot of code that does efficient fetching and manipulation of data. so we can dynamically create objects that represent things (say, a status update) and can do privacy-aware fetching of the data behind them. so a key place we use yield is when there are multiple, dependent fetching steps we can yield in between them, batch a bunch of requests, and then jump back into preparing the object without any type of ugly state shenanigans. that's one place. generators are rad in lots of ways.
What kind of programming language would you recommend someone to learn if they want to work at a high profile company like FB? Happy or not FB went IPO and please explain why. Mac or PC? :) Language choice doesn't matter as much as people think. maybe diversity is good so you can understand not just how things work in one way but how they work in other languages and why. but i would say DEFINITELY work with one dynamic language (like java or python or even JS) but also work in a language without a runtime and a garbage collector like C or C++. if you want to be a great programmer you have to understand how things like memory work.
I guess I'm happy. it's really just that now people trade our shares on the nasdaq where before it was on places like secondmarket. i'm glad to hoopla is over because for a while it was pretty nuts.
I'm a weird one in that I have a macbook air but i run windows 7 on it. I really like windows 7 and I really like mac hardware, so it works. really glad apple decided to release all the bootcamp drivers to make this not a PITA.
like java or python or even JS. Java is not a dynamic language; neither in the loose, runtime flexibility sense of the word nor as in dynamically typed. Unlike C and C++, of course, the JVM is GC'd, but these categories are orthogonal. Apologies, you're right. i meant a language without garbage collection, dynamic typing is orthogonal.
Do you have any advice for a young web programmer? Go build stuff. don't sit on the sidelines waiting for a job or a project to be handed to you. there's a huge demand for people that can make technology happen and you're one of those people. take that opportunity for all it's worth and go make something exist.
Oh and avoid tables for layout.
Serious question, why should we avoid tables for layout? I was just working on a project and decided to use tables to emulate spreadsheets. Is this wrong? People say this, i don't know why it's bad. i think it makes it harder to change later. i was really just joking but i bet there's a rationale that eludes me.
In your mind, what are the most important technologies (tools, languages,etc) for dealing with data on your size? Are you an SQL house, hadoop, maybe something really cool that I don't even know about? It's really hard to generalize just "data", but we have a few flavors of systems.
Big system, stores tons of data for batch analysis. here we use hadoop and hive and it's great. I think we are rapidly approaching an exabyte here.
Smaller dataset, serve it super fast. here we use either specialized stuff (news feed is all specialized in-memory dbs, hoping to open source soon) or we use MySQL fronted by memcached. It's pretty amazing how far you can get with that combo.
Big dataset, serve it super fast. this is the hard one. messages, for instance, is tens of P and needs to be served live, and we use HBase.
Hope that's a good summary. we could talk for hours about this. any more specifics I can answer?
What do you think about cloud infrastructure? We don't spend a ton of time thinkign about moving to AWS for instance because we're far, far beyond the point where that would be feasible. i think it's rad that stuff like that exists, though.
How important are SSDs? They are really important. the whole industry is changing because they exist and it's exciting. you can get a terabyte of persistent disk on a server that's almost as fast as DRAM. imagine how much that changes what you build.
How do you measure your performance other than queries per second? Every service is different. as the site grows we have to be constantly updating our metrics because with almost a billion users you can no longer think intuitively about the "average" user. everyone uses the site differently, so we must collect real facts and data about what is happening.
Why NYC? I answered above, but generally because if you want to hire the absolute best people some of them want to live here.
Do FB employees waste more time on FB or Reddit? Well FB employees on FB is not wasting time its... product research. so, reddit.
I'm interested in how you identify, and evaluate, talent. Obviously Facebook has an HUGE continuous stream of incoming leads on smart engineers/developers. How do you sift through that pool of people, and narrow down the ones you're truly interested in. Beyond that, how do you actually evaluate that they're worth spending time interviewing, and of the interviewees - which ones to focus on? What kind of questions do you ask, what kind of tasks do you have the interviewee perform? There's thousands of blog posts all over the place debating how effective "white board testing" and "on the spot coding" is, and how it is or isn't an "unfair" test of someone's skill and worth. So how do you, as a key part of the "office-build-out team" for a huge company identify those engineers which will have the most impact and success? Perhaps the most important thing is knowing what doesn't matter and what to ignore and being realistic about what you've learned and what signal you got from your interview. once you really get a sense of what is important and indicative of how good someone is at writing elegant, efficient, readable code in our environment you get much more efficient with your brief time with a candidate - i think people focus too much on how the candidate did "on the question". we're not there to ask and receive an answer to a coding question, we're there to, for a brief period of time, feel what it's like to work on a tough problem with someone. it should be a conversation and you should be getting a sense for how the person thinks. I liken it going on a jog - the best candidates feel like they're right along side you keeping up, or even running faster. sometimes it's even fun to interview them. those are the people you hire.
Do you do any of these problem solving exercises over the phone? or do you reserve them for on-site interviews only? If you do them on the phone, which tools do you find the best for collaborating with the interviewee? We do use the phone and generally use collabedit to code together while on the phone. If at all possible we try to get people face to face, though. It's much better.
Can you share any stats on daily usage of feed, messenger, etc? Must be nuts and costly. Also, any functionality that people don't use that much that surprises you? Thanks in advance. MTV did a show a while back where they followed around a few of our engineers and one was on our team. every friday we have a bar in our office and we do a little wine or scotch tasting and talk about the week. so when the MTV cameras were there filming i prepared some stats which never made it on air, but i'll pass it along here.
The highest rated tv show (based on my 5 minutes of googling) was the world cup final between france and england and it had something like 290 million people watch. that week tuesday was our lightest day and something like 470 million people saw news feed that day. and this was a year ago, so the current number is higher. i was talking about this to the team which was maybe 12 people at the time. that's pretty insane. i guess mtv disagreed.
How did you get the job? I did a puzzle online and scored an interview. I believe it was something like.
Given two 64-bit integers, return the count of integers between them that have a prime number of bits set to 1 when represented in binary.
Are you guys ever going to bring the Puzzle Master? Those were fun. Definitely. I loved that stuff and we're working on something like that in NYC as we speak.
Mmm, is there a faster way to do that than checking linearly? o_O. Yes, definitely. checking linearly may take a while (like heat death of universe while)
I know Facebook has a corporate preference for radical transparency, but is there any internal debate among the engineers? If "not really", do you think there would be any negative repercussions if someone voiced a contrary opinion? We debate stuff all the time and there's definitely not negative repercussions for voicing an opinion. zuck doesn't like it when there are no tough questions at Q+A.
Internally engineers more or less pick whatever project they want to work on, so you can't really force them into building things they don't want. if engineers don't thing something is good it's probably not going to get built. there's plenty of other things to do.
Is there a correlation between how often you or someone views your profile and which profiles shows up in the friends bar of someones profile? We do try to get a sense (not just through profile views) of who you are interested in among your friends, but that is only ever used to customize YOUR experience. not the other way.
So let's say hypothetically that I am a slightly crazy ex-boyfriend who keeps on seeing the same guy on his ex's profile page. Would that mean anything, or just coincidence? Hypothetically, of course. It means nothing, or it may be that YOU keep going to that guys page.
Shared this with the CMU SCS Facebook groups of '15 and '16. CMU represent! :D. I really like the stuff in chelsea market, but I must admit to buying Philz online and french pressing it myself. We have this in our california office and it's addicting.
Q: What is your favorite flavor of coffee in NYC and from where? Go tartans.
What is your motivation for working on a product that affects millions of people rather than a smaller, lesser known product besides the obvious higher salary, employer benefits, awesome offices, etc.? Why infrastructure rather than online operations? Can't tell if serious.. but the impact is a big positive. I find infrastructure suits me because I like one big problem and I like to chew on it. Developing products is necessarily more iterative and I have the working memory of a goldfish so I probably wouldn't be good at it.
Where do you see the future of Facebook headed? A lot of people seem to think that Facebook has hit its peak and will die off within the next decade, do you agree? I think people are people and like to connect and interact with each other. so our goal has always been to be a way to do those basic human things, and I think that's why we've been able to scale to 1b people. so, i feel like something like facebook will exist for a looong time. But of course, losing the internet can happen in a blink, so we've got to continue to be the company doing that lest someone out innovate us.
A lot of people I know seemed to hate the timeline style of profile at first and were pretty vocal about it, but since then seem to have just given up and accepted it. The idea of the profile is always that you want to "own" it and "covet" it as something that's your own and represents YOU. so it's probably the toughest thing to change (if we're doing our job). I actually thought the initial response was that timeline was really beautiful and cool, but of course it's always a work in progress.
What was the initial response from the public about timeline? Anyway, we try to be really mindful of changing the profile because when people love it they have a much better experience overall.
Wanna give me a job? I wanna give you one if you're a good fit for one. what's the highest number problem on that you've solved?
206, though it is an easy one. You? Nice! I did them in order until 17 and then skipped to 250, which I'm still working on. PM me, we should talk!
Congrats on getting the job...I hear FB is a cool place to work...Where is the office going to be? Still working on that one. but when we do end up somewhere we'll throw a big party and invite you all.
What sort of thing are we talking here? ie what level of complexity and what kind of user numbers (or.. what is needed to impress, assuming no CS degree) Just build something that makes someone at facebook go "that is awesome". pretty open ended. follow your heart.
Does FB allow telecommuting? Why is locality important? Are people who do not show up into the office stigmatized versus working from home? Nope, we're really flexible on stuff like that. In general we build things in teams so communication is important, but we evaluate people on the impact they have overall and don't care about how they manage to achieve that.
Any interesting habits or rituals to calm your nerves during a particularly stressful day? Generally i go for a run, or i have particular friends that are good at calming me down and taking my mind off work. probably the best thing in life is having old friends. it's a big part of why i moved back to NYC.
What about you?
Is it true that Facebook has a sort of cult status amongst the employees? Is our company a cult? not really, though it's definitely more than a typical just a job type of place. if a cult is anything that people are passionate about then yes, but of course all great companies must then be cults.
It's true. I didn't mean to offend. What I truly intended to ask was whether Zuck has a cult status among the employees. Oh you mean Supreme Leader Zuckerberg? he's the CEO and everything but he's also just someone we work with and doesn't do anything to cultivate some kind of fixation on him personally, so I'd say definitely not.
I love masturbating to random profiles on FB, cool right? Wheres look of disapproval??
Does the company do any in-house social science research? i have no doubt there are breakthroughs hiding inside all that data you have. Yep, we have an awesome data science team and they get to play in the worlds coolest social data sandbox.
Hi you are from Turkey right? I am from there, too. And I wonder how it feels like living there and doing a job like this? Şimdiden teşekkürler cevabınız için :) Yep, I'm turkish, though I grew up here. Facebook is super popular in turkey so I have to actually be kind of careful who I talk to about my job there.
Were you at the recent NYC Tech Talk? (frameworks and code readability). I briefly remember your name. The NYC office is pretty awesome, as are many of the engineers I had the pleasure of talking to during the event. Will you be at/drop by the Summer of Hack? Yep, I was at the TT MCing with Schrep. I'm out of town the weekend of the Summer of Hack thing, but a bunch of people on my team will be there so you'll be in good hands.
You guys planning on hosting any tech related meetups in the city? 1) yep we do a monthly tech talk with some people in the community in our offices. it's generally a great audience, though we don't necessarily publicize it since we don't have that much room.
Big differences between offices here and in CA? 2) it's just way smaller in NY. we're so early we can fit everyone in a single room, where that won't happen in CA unless you've got an airplane hangar or something.
Considering NYC being a huge media center, was that also part of the plan to expand big here? 3) yeah, it's not lost on us that a lot of the biggest brands and a lot of the advertising industry is here. I think that will be a big help.
Got big security teams here in NY? 4) bigish i guess :)
How big is your current HBase cluster at FB (for messages) Any specifics on how you're implementing coprocessors? 1) it's real big. tens of petabytes, thousands of nodes etc. 2) i know it's in the works but I don't know the details around implementation. pm me if you're interested and I can get you an answer from our hbase/hadoop team.
I have a curious questions about Edge Weight. Does it apply to the domain as a whole over time or if it is on the root domain of a site, spilling over into all the content that source puts out? Or is it simply applied only to the individual updates independent of the root domains edge weight factors? Edge rank isn't really about ranking urls, it's about ranking pieces of content. we will have some reputation of each domain, but that's more for finding spam.
How do the ppl compare san fran/nyc office? Right now NYC is just much smaller. that's the biggest difference.
If I don't have a FB account, can I still work there? Sure, though you'll probably have to create one as most of our tools work on facebook.
So yesterday for a few hours FB wouldn't let me log in in the computer. I was getting feeds on my blackberry though and it didn't appear to be affecting masses of people. I live in NY - were you messing with the servers my profile was on? Wasnt me i promise.
I am a software developer not in US. Can I get a job at facebook ? Sure can. lots of our engineers are from outside the us.
Great. how ? Shoot me an email with your resume, i'll take a look.
What do you use to network your production servers together. Just good old TCP/IP and routing protocols? OR or more fancy setups like openflow? Boring old tcp/ip i'm afraid.
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This is the best online dating review available. Do's and don't on pictures profile and sex. This ReneSanceMan Production This is the best online dating revi... Thanks for watching. Next, discover The 66 Texts That Make Her Chase you for Sex ️ ===== F... Hayley Quinn of gives 3 online dating profile tips for women. Visit for more online dating tips, date ideas, and com... There are a lot of DOs and DON'Ts around online dating but here's a simple tip that will make your dating profile more successful! Watch the rest of this ... Sign up to my mailing list for a FREE ADVANCE COPY of the first 3 chapters of my new book, DATING IN A FAST FOOD WORLD! Click here: Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to write a great online dating profile that will get several new high quality beautiful women who are exactly what you are lo... What makes a successful online dating profile? At a recent Zoosk event in NYC, we caught up with Laurie Davis, online dating coach and founder of eFlirtExper... Some simple principles you can use to improve your online dating success with dating apps such as Tinder,, etc. In this video coaching newsletter, ... Online Dating: What are some red flags on people's profiles? ★★★ Merchandise: ★★★ ♥ ♥ ♥ Support Radio ... 6 Fun Online Dating Profile Templates ⏯ #DATING #PROFILE #TEMPLATES Creating a dating profile from scratch requires a lot of thought, ...